It's time to prepare your bid!

Proposals are invited from individual EADMFR members, or preferably a group of members, wishing to host the 17th European Congress of DMFR, due to be held in the summer of 2020.

The Constitution of the EADMFR states “Any country within Europe may bid to host the biennial congress. Bids shall be submitted, normally four years in advance, to the European Academy’s Congress Committee whose decision shall be considered and ratified by the Central Council before being agreed by the General Assembly.” In accordance with the Constitution, the venue for 2020 is due to be decided in 2016 at the 15th Congress of EADMFR, to be held in Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain, June 15-18. All groups submitting a bid will be provided with the opportunity to promote their bid in Cardiff, at which they will be able to show promotional material of whichever forms they choose.

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